Helpful Resources

As a seminarian and in the years leading up to this journey, I have been exposed to a variety of books, resources, and concepts related to religion and justice that I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise that have reshaped my theology and how I understand others as well. As I recognize that not everyone will attend seminary, it is important to me that I share some of the resources that I have found informative and resources that I hope to read soon that have been recommended by those I admire and respect. I owe so much of who I am now to this experience, and I want to ensure that others are exposed to what I have been exposed to and work to integrate the Christian circles as it relates to those who are formally trained and educated in theology and those who aren’t. Note that this list is not comprehensible and is a work in progress. (Also note that this list in some ways reflects my own area of research as it relates to faith/religion, race, justice, and politics.)

On Biblical Interpretation and Context

On Cultural Biblical Interpretations

On Jesus, Justice, and Politics

Liberation Theologies and Experience

On the Black Church

On Immigrants

On Sexuality

On Race

On Black Bodies, Violence and Justice

On Justice, Harm, Incarceration, and Abolition

On Healing and Care